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Artist Promotion #001- Through You

I've been thinking about doing this for months and months, but I might as well start now that I have a little free time. Every so often, I'm going to put something out there I think people should be hearing, and I can't think of a better band to start this out with than Through You.

They remind me a bit of a young Incubus in terms of their overall sound. Their vocalist sounds a lot like Brandon Boyd, but I think his voice is a bit more dynamic. For those of you that are genre specific, don't fret. They're NOT a nu-metal band, though some their earliest material sounds a little rap-metally. Without a full album to speak of, they've already impressively expanded their sound to set themselves apart from the sea of bands inspired by the likes of KoRn and the Deftones.

Speaking of those two bands, Through You opened for them during the Family Values 2006 tour and are the only unsigned act to appear on that bill. Not only that, but they also appeared on the main stage that year. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Due to a loss of two members, the band has been inactive lately, but I'm pretty sure they'll be back and tighter than they've ever been. Another thing I must point out is that their drummer is really young and really good. He was 14 years old the two times I saw them perform live. I also spoke with him briefly in person and via this very blog. He along with his bandmates are pretty cool people.

If you don't trust my taste (which you should by now), here's a second opinion.

Check out their myspace and their music here.
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