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Artist Promotion #002 - Promise

Thats that new game coming out, lol, shit is fire

If you're into hip-hop and you're tired of the run of the mill, fly by night bullshit that's been going around for the past few years, you should really check this guy out. Normally, when people make such a claim, they allude to some boring ass rapper that alludes to the "greater times". He's a down to earth kind of guy yes, but what separates him from the pack is his sense of humor.

I've been listening to this guy for three years or so, and I just don't understand how he's not signed. He comes up with some of the most creative stuff I've heard in recent history, especially on myspace. "Where's Gary?", "Tom Deleted Me", and "Rubber Ducky" are way more creative than anything any other rapper has had me listen to.

Best of all, he's big into interacting with people. He's always posting bulletins and blogs. He responds to most comments and truly appreciates his feedback too. If you're still not convinced, listen and add for yourself.

Add his myspace here
Add his youtube here

promise nyc (prom blog)#1 fan
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