The Ultimate Bloggertunist (anxious_hearts) wrote in audio_fetish,
The Ultimate Bloggertunist

File Hosts

Here's a list of sites you can use to upload and share your media.

Big Upload 50 MB Limit
Local Host 50 MB Limit
File Ducky 100 MB Limit
MFFH 100 MB Limit
Mediafire 100 MB Limit
Uploading 100 MB Limit
Sharebee 150 MB Limit (Distributed)
Rar Host 150 MB Limit (.rar files)
Rapidshare 200 MB Limit
Ifile 250 MB Limit
File Factory 300 MB Limit
Rapidshare DE 300 MB Limit
Rapid Upload 300 MB Limit
Sendspace 300 MB Limit
Just Up It 450 MB Limit
Spread It 500 MB Limit
Z Upload 500 MB Limit
Badongo 1 GB Limit
Dropboks 1 GB Limit
Megaupload 1 GB Limit
Flyupload 2 GB Limit
You Send It 2 GB Limit
Megashares 10 GB Limit

If you know of any other good hosts, comment below and I'll add them to the list.
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