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My Collection

36 Crazyfists
(04-22-02) Tempe, Az

Aaron Lewis
(unknown) (unknown venue) Epiphany (Ft. Amy Lee)
(unknown) (unknown venue) Nutshell (Alice in Chains Cover)
(unknown) (unknown venue) Black (Pearl Jam Cover)

(??-??-02) MTV:Icon

Alice in Chains
(06-11-06) Rock AM Ring

(??-??-05) Rock AM Ring
(06-05-08) Rock in Rio
(unknown) I'm Not Jesus (Ft. Tony Kakko)
(unknown) I Don't Care (Ft. Tony Kakko)
(unknown) I'm Not Jesus (Ft. Toryn Green)
(unknown) I Don't Care (Ft. Toryn Green)

Avril Lavigne
(??-??-04) Rock AM Ring

Breaking Benjamin
(unknown) Change (In the House of Flies) (Deftones Cover)
(unknown) Blind (KoRn Cover)

Dave Matthews Band
(07-25-99) Woodstock

(??-??-96) Maritime Hall
(??-??-97) (unknown venue) Engine No. 9 (Ft. Fred Durst)
(08-22-98) Bizarrefest
(??-??-98) Sacramento, Ca
(08-19-00) Bizarrefest
(01-21-01) Rock in Rio
(02-12-03) Roy Wilkins Auditorium (3 Cam Version)
(02-12-03) Roy Wilkins Auditorium (Right Cam)
(03-22-06) Lincoln, NE
(05-06-06) Pinkpop
(06-04-06) Gods of Metal
(??-??-06) Rock AM Ring
(08-18-06) Pheonix, AZ
(08-19-06) Devore, Ca
(10-12-06) Electric Ballroom
(06-17-07) Maplewood, Mn

Depeche Mode
(06-04-06) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-99) Behind the Music

Dir en Grey
(??-??-06) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-08) Wacken Open Air

Dream Theater
(??-??-93) (unknown venue) A Change of Seasons (Original Version w/Kevin Moore)

Ill Nino
(10-23-03) Milan, Italy

(??-??-06) I Declare War
(07-13-08) Glastonbury

John Petrucci
(07-11-01) G3 Tour
(04-11-07) G3 Tour

Jonathan Davis
(unknown) Alone I Play Tour

Kanye West
(??-??-??) MTV2 Concert

(??-??-99) Sydney's Big Day Out
(07-04-99) Woodstock
(11-15-99) Apollo Theater
(07-04-00) Baltimore, MD
(??-??-00) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-04) Rock AM Ring
(04-09-05) Citavecchia, Italy
(02-13-06) Paris, Canal
(02-14-06) My Bloody Valentine
(??-??-06) Rock AM Ring
(06-02-07) Rock AM Ring
(07-06-07) Katowice, Poland
(??-??-07) Pinkpop
(02-13-08) Warsaw, Poland
(03-30-08) Quilmes Rock Festival
(unknown) Unplugged Set Outtakes
(unknown) Boost Mobile Corps

Lacuna Coil
(??-??-04) Download Festival
(??-??-07) Wacken Open Air

Limp Bizkit
(07-04-99) Woodstock

Linkin Park
(??-??-04) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-07) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-08) Rock in Rio

Liquid Tension Experiment
(01-31-99) NAMM

(??-??-04) Download Festival
(??-??-07) Live Earth
(05-06-08) Rock in Rio
(unknown) MTV Icon: Metallica

Mike Portnoy
(??-??-03) Modern Drummer Festival

(??-??-00) Eurockenees de Belfort
(??-??-04) Rock AM Ring
(??-??-04) Glastonbury
(02-07-06) Eurockenees de Belfort
(07-??-06) MTV2
(06-06-08) Rock in Rio
(08-26-06) Reading Festival

(unknown) Jimmy Kimmel Show (Hero)

(??-??-92) Reading Festival

(??-??-00) Ozzfest

(05-10-08) Radio 1's Big Weekend

Pink Floyd
(unknown) Behind the Music

(??-??-98) Behind the Music

Rage Against the Machine
(??-??-00) Rock AM Ring

Red Hot Chili Peppers
(07-25-99) Woodstock

(??-??-04) Rock in Rio
(10-30-07) Conan O'Brien (Fake It)

Sheryl Crow
(unknown) Johnny Cash Tribute Show (Hurt)

(01-26-05) Sydney's Big Day Out
(11-22-08) Paris, France
(unknown) MTV2 Interview

System of a Down
(08-26-01) Reading Festival
(??-??-02) Sydney's Big Day Out

Team Sleep
(05-27-05) Philidelphia, Pa
(unknown) On the Road RockTV

The Roots & Erykah Badu
(07-25-99) Woodstock

Trust Company
(09-11-07) (Unknown Venue) Finally

(unknown) Joe Satriani & Stevie Ray Vaughan
(??-??-06) VH1 Hip-Hop Honors

My Deftones, KoRn, and Muse collections took a HUGE hit when I lost all my stuff earlier this year. I'm still busy replenishing those. This is probably only one third of what I used to have, but I'll get it all back and then some. I had 20 gigs of Dream Theater material. I might not be able to find ANY of that again.. but we'll see.
Tags: behind the music, conan o'brien, cover, download festival, eurockenees, glastonbury, hip-hop honors, icon, jimmy kimmel, live earth, modern drummer festival, mtv unplugged, mtv2, ozzfest, quilmes rock festival, radio 1, reading festival, rock am ring, rock in rio, sydney's big day out, wacken open air, woodstock
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